Firm Background

Cavazos Hendricks Poirot, P.C. is a law firm concentrating in bankruptcy law representing business debtors, creditors, and other parties in interest in all aspects of Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy matters. The firm also represents Chapter 7 trustees, Chapter 11 and liquidating plan trustees. Formed in 1985, the cornerstone of the Firm is a commitment to excellence and effectiveness in serving client needs. The Firm offers trustee, creditor and debtor counseling, advice and assistance. The Firm has represented numerous financial institutions, bankruptcy trustees, committees and individuals, involving publicly and privately owned corporations. The offices are centrally located in downtown Dallas, across from the Federal Courthouse, affording convenient access to the Bankruptcy Courts, as well as major centers of business and banking in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


The Firm is engaged in the practice of bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy law is a collective federal legal procedure designed to satisfy in a pro rata manner the claims of creditors with the present property and, possibly, the future efforts and future property of a debtor. The satisfaction of creditors' claims should not unnecessarily harm the employees, customers, and suppliers of the debtor or the community at large. The practice includes in-court and out-of-court efforts to satisfy creditors' claims and equity security holders' interests. The Firm also consults with and represents businesses and individuals who may be impacted by the bankruptcies, receiverships, or assignments for the benefit of creditors of others.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cavazos Hendricks Poirot, P.C. is to practice bankruptcy law, in court and out of court, by vigorously maximizing the bankruptcy estate through either liquidation or reorganization with a view to paying valid claims and the preservation of the reasonable value of stockholders' equity, yet compassionately and fairly dealing with discharge, exemptions, preferences, fraudulent transfers, executory contracts, claims litigation, and co-debtors.